Customized laminated expansion busbars

Laminated expansion busbars by EMS are flexible busbars made of thin, packaged individual foils with solid connections.

Customized 0
connection technology
0. 0 mm
Copper lamellas
0. 0 mm
Aluminum lamellas thickness

Application area laminated expansion connectors

Flexible laminated expansion connectors are used to compensate expansion and vibration within busbar connections. They are also installed as flexible power transmission elements in parts of machines and switchgear.

Laminated expansion connectors consist of copper lamellas with a thickness of 0.2 mm and are pressure-welded at the ends. Aluminum strips are made of lamellas of 0.3 mm thickness and are welded to massive connections using protective gas.

EMS manufactures tailor-made connection technology and manufactures flexible laminated expansion connectors in different dimensions.


EMS Elektro Metall Schwanenmühle GmbH
is certified by DIN EN ISO 9001.

SPS Zertifikate DIN ISO 9001

Conductor material laminated expansion connectors

Laminated expansion connectors depend on the required current values, mainly copper and aluminum lamellas are used and combinations of both materials are also possible.

  • Copper laminated expansion connectors made of Cu-HCP with press welded connections of the same material
  • Aluminium laminated expansion connectors made of EN AW-1050 with MIG-welded connections of EN AW-6060

EMS is highly experienced in the production of highly developed connectors made of different materials:

  • Press welded connections have an excellent conductivity due to a perfect molecular connection. The connection surfaces can be drilled, milled and bent.
  • Welded under protective gas, connections are melted locally by means of an electrically generated arc. The protective gas prevents the metal to melt due to oxidizing.
  • Soldering the connections enables very complicated constructions to be implemented. Depending on application, different brazing alloys and different processes are available.

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Assembly & Processing of laminated expansion connectors

Technical details

Typenbez. / Type Breite / Width [mm] Gewicht Stk. / Weight pcs. [kg]
DBCU 38/5/60/220/S 38 0,67
DBCU 48/5/60/220/S 48 0,83
DBCU 38/10/60/250/S 38 1,25
DBCU 48/10/60/250/S 48 1,50
DBCU 58/10/80/310/S 58 2,17
DBCU 78/10/80/310/S 78 2,83
DBCU 98/10/60/350/S 98 3,75
DBCU 118/10/100/350/S 118 4,67

Possible EMS assembly

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