Ultraflexx® flexible busbars

Ultraflexx® are insulated, highly flexible busbars made of copper flat braid, which are delivered ready-to-use and thus simplify your assembly process.

Up to 0 mm²
Up to 1 0 mm
Standard length
0, 0 mm
Single wire diameter

Area of application for Ultraflexx® flexible busbars

The Ultraflexx® flexible busbars are highly flexible connectors made of flat copper mesh and reliably absorb vibrations and switching shocks.

The press-welded connections are press-welded over the entire connection cross-section (contrary to the generally available press technology) and can be machined like a solid end piece.

Ultraflexx® are ideal for flexible use of space and are the best alternative to prefabricated cables. Thanks to our different cross-sections, Ultraflexx® can be adapted to a wide range of equipment and used as connectors between various control cabinet modules and units.

Certifications Ultraflexx® flexible busbars

SPS Standard Produkte Schwanenmühle GmbH is certifiedby DIN EN ISO 9001.

UL 508

IEC 61439–1 


Conductor material Ultraflexx®

  • Highly flexible flat braids made of Cu-ETP1 with best conductivity
  • Electrical conductivity 58 MS/m
  • Single wire diameter 0.15 mm
  • Cross-sections from 25 to 240 mm²
  • Length is defined as hole center distance
  • Lengths from 150 to 1000 mm, in 50 mm steps
  • Connections with press-welded connection ends.
  • The connection ends can be machined like a solid end piece.
  • They are vibration-resistant and allow the lowest contact resistances to pass through.
  • Lower power loss and smaller voltage drop.
  • No corrosion and thus no deterioration of the connection resistances over time.

Ultraflexx® insulation

Ultraflexx® flexible busbars are robustly insulated to withstand high operating voltages:

  • Halogen-free polyolefin tubing, black
  • Wall thickness 0.8 ±0.3 mm
    Operating temperatures -55° C to +125° C
  • Flame retardant according to UL 224 – VW 1
  • Operating voltage max. 1000 VAC – 1500 VDC
  • Dielectric strength 20kV/mm
  • Individual wall thicknesses or colours on request!
SPS Ultraflexx

Assembly & Processing Ultraflexx®

Technical details & current carrying capacity

Ultraflexx type designation

ULFX [cross-section mm²]
Hinzugefügt: [LA = hole spacing length] – [D1 / D2 = hole diameter] 

SPS Ultraflexx ULFX Typenbezeichnung

Lengths [LA] from 150-1000 mm in 50 mm steps. The length is defined as the hole centre distance.

The current carrying capacity* for Ultraflexx® busbars is determined according to the following table in accordance with IEC or UL standards.

Individual diameters D1/D2 at any time on request!

Typenbez. / TypeQuerschnitt / Cross section [mm²]LA Länge / Length [mm]B Breite / Width [mm] (± 1)Dicke Innen : Anschluss / Thickness inside : connection [mm]A Anschlusslänge / Length connection [mm]D1/D2 Durchmesser / Diameter [mm]RA Abstand / Distance [mm]Gewicht / Weight [kg/m]Leitertemp. /Conductor temp.[A]* 65 °CLeitertemp./ Conductor temp. [A]* 85 °CLeitertemp./ Conductor temp. [A]* 105 °C
ULFX 25-LA-D1/D225,00150-100020ca. 1,5 : 1,4358,5/10,590,25159210250
ULFX 50-LA-D1/D250,00150-100020ca. 3,9 : 2,8358,5/10,590,51236311370
ULFX 100-LA-D1/D2100,00150-100020ca. 8,0 : 5,93510,5/10,591,02350462550
ULFX 120-LA-D1/D2120,00150-100032ca. 4,6 : 4,43510,5/10,5121,22382504600
ULFX 240-LA-D1/D2240,00150-100032ca. 9,1 : 8,93510,5/10,5122,446889081.080
Gewicht / Weight [kg/m]

* Current load values: Ambient temperature 35 °C, alternating current AC. Please use a multiplication factor of 1.72 when using 2 Ultraflexx® and a multiplication factor of 2.25 when using 3 Ultraflexx® in parallel arrangement.

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