SPS offers various certified and flexible standard connection technologies especially for switchgear constructions that can be delivered immediately.

With SPS products, high-current technology becomes flexible!

The success of Isoflexx® is based on diverse fields of possible applications. Due to outstanding technical characteristics, Ultraflexx® are also increasing popularity.

The welded connections of the earth braids create a permanent ground connection with the lowest possible impedance.

Our insulators and various busbars, combined with our copper and CoppAl® busbars, enable busbar systems to be set up for every type of control device. The copper-cladded aluminum bars CoppAl® combine the advantages of copper and aluminum. They represent a very interesting cost alternative to highly priced copper busbars. The product range is rounded off by tools and useful accessories.

As we appreciate our customers, we would like to fulfill our customer’s requirements as good as possible.

Certifications SPS products

SPS Standard Produkte Schwanenmühle GmbH is certified by DIN EN ISO 9001.

UL 758
UL 508
UL 467 

IEC 61439–1