CoppAl® busbars made of copper & aluminum

CoppAl® is our composite material that optimally combines a highly conductive copper cladding with the lightness of the aluminum core. CoppAl® is also called Cuponal or CuAl.

4 0 mm
Standard length
5- 0 mm
Standard thickness
20 - 0 mm
Standard width

Areas of application CoppAl® busbars

CoppAl® is a bi-metal composite for use as electrical connection in control cabinets, switchgear and distribution boards. The processing methods such as drilling, bending, punching and sawing are comparable to those of copper busbars.

CoppAl® busbars are available in our standard dimensions.

Our CoppAl® busbars are composite busbars made of copper and aluminum, also called CuAl or Cuponal. The copper cladding surrounds the aluminum core of the busbars and is inseparable from it. In this way we can optimally combine the positive properties of highly conductive copper with the low weight of aluminum. CoppAl® busbars are cheaper with the same current carrying capacity and are therefore a cost-saving alternative to copper busbars.


SPS Standard Produkte Schwanenmühle GmbH is certified by DIN EN ISO 9001.

SPS Zertifikate DIN ISO 9001

Conductor material CoppAl® busbars

  • Composite busbar with aluminum core and copper cladding
  • Aluminum core EN-AW1350
  • Copper cladding Cu-ETP
  • Bare tensile strength 130-170 MPa (N/mm²)
  • Electrical conductance at least 37.7 MS/m
  • Composite rail with aluminum core and copper cladding
  • Standard length: 4000 mm (tolerance: -0, +200 mm)
  • Thickness 5 and 12 mm
  • Width from 20 mm to 120 mm
  • Optionally with rounded edges [RD] or sharp edges [SH]

Assembly & Processing of CoppAl® busbars

Technical details & current carrying capacity

Current carrying capacity for CoppAl® busbars, the current-carrying capacity according to DIN 43670 – Part 2, copper-sheathed aluminum busbars.

The standard busbars length is 4000 mm.
Other dimensions at any time on request! 

Typenbez. / TypeBreite / Width [mm]Dicke / Thickness [mm]Länge / Length [mm]Querschnitt / Cross-section [mm²]Gewicht / Weight [kg] / 4 mStrombelastung/ Current rating [A]* 65°CScharfe Kanten / Sharp edges [SH]Gerundete Kanten / Rounded edges [RD]Art.-Nr. / Item no.
CUAL 20x5x40002054.0001001,45233nicht lieferbar42405020
CUAL 20x10x400020104.0002002,9035742410020
CUAL 30x5x40003054.0001502,1832542405030
CUAL 30x10x400030104.0003004,3748142410030
CUAL 40x5x40004054.0002002,90418nicht lieferbar42405040
CUAL 40x10x400040104.0004005,8161142410040
CUAL 50x5x40005054.0002503,63508nicht lieferbar42405050
CUAL 50x10x400050104.0005007,2673642410050
CUAL 50x12x400050124.0006008,71809nicht lieferbar42412050
CUAL 60x5x40006054.0003004,68594nicht lieferbar42405060
CUAL 60x10x400060104.0006008,7184842410060
CUAL 60x12x400060124.00072010,46934nicht lieferbar42412060
CUAL 80x5x40008054.0004005,81762nicht lieferbar42405080
CUAL 80x10x400080104.00080011,621.07442410080
CUAL 100x10x4000100104.0001.00014,521.282nicht lieferbar42410100
CUAL 100x12x4000100124.0001.20017,421.399nicht lieferbar42412100
CUAL 120x10x4000120104.0001.20017,421.488nicht lieferbar42410120
CUAL 120x12x4000120124.0001.44020,911.617nicht lieferbar42412120
Strombelastung/ Current rating [A]* 65°CScharfe Kanten / Sharp edges [SH]Gerundete Kanten / Rounded edges [RD]

* Current load values: Ambient temperature 35 °C, AC current AC.

Heating of the busbar as a function of: Current intensity, ambient temperature, heat dissipation, type of routing, installation, application Multiplication factor 1.72 when using 2 rails, multiplication factor 2.25 when using 3 rails in parallel arrangement.

Frequently asked questions about CoppAl®

Simply process CoppAl® as you are used to handling conventional copper busbars. Bends of more than 90 °C are no problem either. Neither the copper cladding nor the aluminum core are damaged with a bending mandrel.

No. Under normal conditions, such as those that prevail in electrical operating rooms, no increased corrosion occurs.

Outside of electrical operating rooms, such as increased humidity and the presence of electrolytes (e.g., sea air), you must expect increased corrosion on the cut edges and in the area of ​​drill holes. In case of doubt, we therefore recommend additional corrosion protection (e.g., paint, grease, acid-free petroleum Vaseline).

Yes. Galvanized screws or stainless steel screws can be used without any problems under normal conditions.

In most cases, the same bracket spacing can be used as with copper busbars.

Most commercially available holders can be used here. If you choose CoppAl®, however, you should note that an approximately 20% larger cross-section must be used compared to copper busbars with the same rated current.

The thermal behavior is similar to that of copper busbars. The dynamic properties lie between copper and aluminum busbars.

DIN 43 670, Part 2 applies to CoppAl® busbars (copper-clad aluminum busbars)

Possible SPS assembly

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