Halogen-free insulators from stock

SPS has selected insulators on stock for different applications and requirements.

Up to 0 °C
Operating temperature
0 Varants
for choice
According to UL 0 VO

Application insulators

SPS insulators are used where bare high-current connectors such as copper busbars have to be attached, carried or routed.

Our insulators have a high mechanical load capacity and are made of solid insulating materials.

SPS insulators are silicone and halogen-free as well as self-extinguishing in accordance with UL 94 V0.

Assembly & processing of the insulators

The red post insulators are made of glass fiber reinforced polyester with high mechanical stability and an operating temperature of max. 130 °C.

The threaded inserts on both sides are made of galvanized steel. A hexagon is integrated in the middle of the insulator for fixing with a common open-end wrench. The operating voltage heavily depends on the height of the insulator and only reaches values ​​corresponding to phase voltage of 400 VAC for larger sizes. Otherwise supports between busbars of a phase, busbars with earth potential or for control switchgear can be implemented easily and inexpensively.


  • Operating temperature -40 ° C to + 130 ° C
  • Material glass fiber reinforced polyester, red (RAL 3002)
  • Halogen & silicone free
  • Self-extinguishing according to UL 94 V0
  • UL – E111031
  • QMF 22 Component – Plastics


SPS Stützisolatoren Rot

Technical details

Typenbez. / TypeHöhe / Height A [mm]Bohrung / Drilling B [mm]Durchmesser / Diameter C [mm]Bohrtiefe / Drilling depth E [mm]Biegefestigkeit / Bending strength [kN]Zugfestigkeit [kN]Drehmoment / Torque [Nm]Bemessungsspannung / Rated voltage AC [V~]Bemessungsspannung / Rated voltage DC [V=]Art.-Nr. / Item no.
ISO 20M420419623375090026/03/9002
ISO 20M6206196210675090026/03/9002
ISO 25M52552262661.0001.20026/03/0070
ISO 25M625622621061.0001.20026/03/0080
ISO 30M6306309310101.2001.50026/03/0090
ISO 30M8308309325251.2001.50026/03/9002
ISO 35M63563210510101.4001.60026/03/9002
ISO 35M83583210525251.4001.60026/03/9002
ISO 35M1035103210550501.4001.60026/03/9002
ISO 40M64064110910101.6001.90026/03/9002
ISO 40M84084110925251.6001.90026/03/9002
ISO 40M1040104110950501.6001.90026/03/9002
ISO 45M845846131025251.8002.10026/03/0170
ISO 45M10451046131050501.8002.10026/03/0180
ISO 50M65063613610102.0002.40026/03/0190
ISO 50M8 SW365083615625252.0002.40026/03/9002
ISO 50M850850131125252.0002.40026/03/9002
ISO 50M10 SW36501036131150502.0002.40026/03/9002
ISO 50M10501050131150502.0002.40026/03/9002
ISO 50M12501250131185852.0002.40026/03/9002
ISO 60M860855151125252.4002.80026/03/9002
ISO 60M10601055181150502.4002.80026/03/9002
ISO 60M12601255181185852.4002.80026/03/9002
ISO 70M12701260181285853.0003.60026/03/0280
ISO 80M12801265181685853.5004.20026/03/9002
ISO 80M1680166524162002003.5004.20026/03/0360
ISO 100M121001265181585855.0006.00026/03/0370
ISO 100M16100166524152002005.0006.00026/03/0380

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