Flat braids made of tinned copper

For special applications, SPS provides flat braids of any length. These can also be cut to length by us according to customer specifications.

Up to 0 mm²
Cross sections
0 m
Standard length
0. 0 mm
Single wire thickness

Areas of application flat copper braids

Flat braids made of tinned copper from which earth braids are also made, have a lower impedance than comparable round earth cables and are much better suited for establishing high-frequency earthing.

In addition, flat woven straps are extremely flexible, which means that the number of contact points can be reduced compared to massive busbars. Furthermore, the flexibility allows the compensation of construction tolerances during the time of installation and the time of assembly time can also be drastically reduced.


SPS Standard Produkte Schwanenmühle GmbH is certified by DIN EN ISO 9001.

SPS Zertifikate DIN ISO 9001

Conductor material flat braids

  • Highly flexible flat braids made of tinned Cu-ETP1 with best conductivity

  • Electrical conductance 58 MS/m

  • Single wire thickness 0.15 mm

  • Bare Cu-ETP1 on request!
  • Cross-sections from 10 to 95 mm²
  • Flat braids rolled on spools, length 25 m
  • Other lengths on request
  • The cross-section is decisive for the dimension (width and thickness specifications may vary)

Assembly & Processing flat braids

Technical details

Our flat braids are manufactured according to DIN 46444.

Typenbez. / TypeQuerschnitt / Cross section [mm²]Breite / Width [mm]Dicke / Thickness [mm]Anzahl Einzeldrähte / Number single wiresGewicht / Weight [kg] / mArt.-Nr. / Item no.
FGKV 1010131,005600,1033100000
FGKV 1616151,509320,1633200000
FGKV 2525231,501.4400,2533300000
FGKV 3535232,501.9800,3533500000
FGKV 5050283,002.8320,5033600000
FGKV 7070303,503.9480,7033700000
FGKV 9595404,005.3520,9533800000

Possible SPS manufacture

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