Busbar support Geniflex®

As the Geniflex® busbar support can be used universally for different busbar formats, your stock capacity is significantly reduced.

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Areas of application busbar support Geniflex®

You only need one type of screw to install busbars in your control cabinet by using the Geniflex® busbar support.

The universal parts enable the modular principle that every application can be implemented.

The 3-way support SH3 has a phase center distance of 60 mm and is therefore suitable for all technical equipment, such as B. NH disconnectors or circuit breakers with 60 mm phase spacing can be used.

Assembly & processing of busbar supports

Technical details

Typenbez. / TypeAnschluss / ConnectionSchienengröße / Bar size [mm]Horizont. Verwendung / Horizon. UseVertik. Verwendung (1 Schiene pro Phase) / Vertical. Use (1 bar per phase)Vertik. Verwendung (2 Schienen pro Phase) / Vertical. Use (2 bars per phase)Art.-Nr. / Item no.
SH11-polig12 x 590022020
SH11-polig12 x 1090022020
SH11-polig20 x 590022020
SH11-polig20 x 1090022020
SH11-polig30 x 5✓ *Schienenanordnung mit Adapter & Distanzhülsen✓*90022020
SH11-polig30 x 10✓*90022020
SH11-polig40 x 10✓*90022020
SH11-polig50 x 10✓*90022020
SH33-polig - Phasenmittelstand 60 mm12 x 590022010
SH33-polig - Phasenmittelstand 60 mm12 x 1090022010
SH33-polig - Phasenmittelstand 60 mm20 x 590022010
SH33-polig - Phasenmittelstand 60 mm20 x 1090022010
SH33-polig - Phasenmittelstand 60 mm30 x 5✓ *Schienenanordnung mit Adapter & Distanzhülsen✓*90022010
SH33-polig - Phasenmittelstand 60 mm30 x 10✓*90022010
SH33-polig - Phasenmittelstand 60 mm40 x 10✓*90022010
SH33-polig - Phasenmittelstand 60 mm50 x 10✓*90022010

Excursus short-circuit current

In case of short-circuit current, a differentiation is made between surge current and continuous short-circuit current. The continuous short-circuit current is responsible for the heating of the conductor. This is proportional to the square current I² and the duration of the short circuit. The surge current generates a maximum force that is exerted on the current-carrying conductors and thus on the holder.

The distance between two adjacent holders can be changed so that forces of the maximum expected surge current can be absorbed. This dependency for holders SH1 and SH3 is shown in the graphic. For a given current, this can be used to determine the maximum permissible distance between the busbar supports for different busbar formats. The maximum distance differs from busbar support to busbar support.

Example: With a copper bar of 30 × 10 mm, a maximum short-circuit surge current of 110 kA results with a holder space of 250 mm.

SPS Sammelschienenhalter-Kurzschlussstrom

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