SPS grounding bridges

When it comes to grounding bridges and connectors with DB certificate, not only the price is right but also an excellent service, outstanding quality and the quick availability.

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for all applications
997.02 0 A01
DB AG guideline for overhead contact line systems
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Areas of application of SPS grounding bridges

With just six types of grounding bridges, all applications in the field of railway grounding can be implemented.

The well thought out construction of the grounding bridges also enables simple and therefore cost-effective installation and has an excellent corrosion protection. The grounding bridges are continuously being improved, particularly economic aspects are taken into account and they meet the DB AG guideline 997.0205 A01 for overhead contact line systems.

The very large and therefore confusing variety of types has been optimized and reduced at the same time without limiting functionality.


SPS Standard Produkte Schwanenmühle GmbH is certified by DIN EN ISO 9001.

SPS Zertifikate DIN ISO 9001

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Assembly & Processing grounding bridges

Technical data

Grounding point of the grounding bridges

  • Steel, HT – hot-dip galvanized 70 µm
  • Connection thread with press-in nut M 16 incl. protective cap (M 10 / M 12 on request)
  • Thread protected against contamination by easily removable label
  • Grounding label
  • Unrivaled torsion protection
  • Various fastening options on the form work by means of connection thread, nails, wood screws or with magnets
  • Steel, HT - hot-dip galvanized 70 µm, with additional corrosion protection by acrylate color coating with micaceous iron oxide
  • Welding area zinc free
  • weld length according to DB - standard 2x45 (4mm root seam thickness)
  • Independent positioning (3 dimensional) on the reinforcement

Crimped cable of the grounding bridges

  • NYY-0 with cross-section of 70 mm² or 95 mm²
  • 25 kA or 40 kA max. short circuit current
  • Cable length variable (standard : 500 mm, other lengths on request)

Crimped cable of the grounding connectors

  • NYY-0 with cross-section of 50 mm² or 70 mm²
  • Cable length variable (standard: 350 mm, other lengths on request)
  • Our crimped cables are available in the following types:
    - Mixed copper, steel & aluminum conductor (CU/ST/AL)
    - Steel (ST)
    - Aluminum (AL)

Cable lug of the grounding connectors

  • Two crimping cable lugs according to DIN 46235 with hole for M16 connection thread (M 10 / M 12 on request)
  • Hexagonal crimping
  • Pull-out values according to VDE 0220 T.2
  • Standard: flat (others on request)
  • Axial rotation of cable lugs to each other 0 degrees as standard (90° or 180° on request)
TypeMaterialCross-section [mm²]Min. length [mm]Max length [mm]DescriptionItem no.
EBS 70CU703005000Grounding bridges with grounding point and weld-on lugEBS 70 - [Länge]
EBS 95CU953505000Grounding bridges with grounding point and weld-on lugEBS 95 - [Länge]
EBB 120ST1201205000Grounding bridges for precast concreteEBB 120 - [Länge]
EB2P 70CU703005000Grounding bridges with 2 grounding pointsEB2P 70 - [Länge]
EB2P 95CU953005000Grounding bridges with 2 grounding pointsEB2P 95 - [Länge]
EB2L 70CU703005000Grounding bridges with 2 weld-on lugsEB2L 70 - [Länge]
EB2L 95CU953005000Grounding bridges with 2 weld-on lugsEB2L 95 - [Länge]
EBV 50CU501505000Grounding connectorEBV 50 - [Länge]
EBV 70CU701505000Grounding connectorEBV 70 - [Länge]
EBV 95CU952505000Grounding connectorEBV 95 - [Länge]
EBV 95ST952005000Grounding connectorEBV 95 - [Länge]
EBV 70CU/ST/AL701505000Grounding connectorEBV 70 - [Länge]
EBV 75AL753005000Grounding connectorEBV 75 - [Länge]
EBV 110AL1103005000Grounding connectorEBV 110 - [Länge]
EBXXOn request!On request!On request!On request!Grounding bridges and connectors according to customer requirements!-