Isoflexx® twisting tool

Our twisting tool supports and simplifies the assembly of  Isoflexx® laminated busbars in your switchgear.

Application area Isoflexx® twisting tool

The Isoflexx® twisting tool is suitable for manually twisting Isoflexx® laminated busbars using the BV-100 bending tool or another suitable holding device.

Isoflexx® laminated busbars can be twisted up to 90° degrees. When using a manual twisting tool, the second side will be approximately flush with the high edge when twisting 90°. In this case, the twisting length is approximately equal to the rail width. Isoflexx® laminated busbars can also be twisted about the center axis.

Assembly & use of Isoflexx® twisting tools

Technical details

Typenbez. / Type Max. Schienenbreite / Bar width [mm] Gewicht / Weight [kg] VPE Maße / PU Dimensions [mm] VPE / PU Art.-Nr. / Item no.
VD 100 ca. 1,6 480 x 80 x 40 1 90090110

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